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Why am I paying more for auto insurance?

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Why you need renter’s insurance.

Facts about Renter’s Insurance

 Why you need renter’s insurance?

Just like home buyers, if you rent a home or apartment you too need insurance protection. Your personal property is NOT covered by your landlord. You need to buy coverage to be protected when the unthinkable happens.

What coverage should I buy?

You need enough coverage to replace everything in your home or apartment.

You should have adequate liability protection for legal situations.
Your policy should include additional living expense coverage in case your home or apartment is damaged and you need alternative housing.

What does renter’s insurance cover?

We suggest a policy that includes “Special Personal Property” coverage. […]

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How Will a Teen Driver Affect My Car Insurance?

When teens are about to turn 16, chances are they’re dreaming of carefree days behind the wheel with the windows down and the wind in their hair. As the parent of a new teen driver, your dreams may be clouded with worry and higher insurance rates.

Talking with Eve Insurance is the first step in dealing with both topics. Knowing that you have adequate car insurance coverage can offer peace of mind when you hand over the keys to your teenager. Eve Insurance can help design your coverage to protect your family and meet your budget.

When Should I Add My Teen […]

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Sharing the Road with Motorcycles

May is Motorcycle Safety Month. It’s a good time to review a few safety tips to help us Share the Road.

Warmer weather means many things including lots of motorcycles hitting the road. Unfortunately motorcycles are hard to see, meaning you need to be extra careful while driving. Every year thousands of riders are injured and killed in motorcycle crashes. It’s an alarming fact that must be addressed.
Tips on Sharing the Road

For motorists:

NEVER tailgate a motorcycle. Allow extra distance to increase everyone’s margin of error.
Most accidents happen at intersections. Crashes typically happen when a driver does not notice a motorcycle and […]

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Why You Should Buy from an Independent Insurance Agent

Lizards, Cavemen, Mayhem, Fake College Professors, and the list goes on. Every day you are faced with insurance ads telling you that buying direct from a national insurance company may save you money. But can a call center representative (that may not even be US based) really understand your situation. They work for a single company and can only offer coverage solutions from that company. Or, you can call an independent insurance agent like Eve Insurance. We are your agent. We get to know your situation so we can shop several companies and offer you the right coverage options for […]

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Halloween Thoughts

Did you know … in the United States we consume nearly 24 pounds of candy per person, per year! And let’s be honest, a large portion of this is consumed by children (and adults) at Halloween. Review these with your children and keep them in mind yourself. (The last few might even help you avoid a lawsuit!)

> Never allow your children to trick-or-treat alone. Always escort younger children and have the older kids travel in groups of three or more. Warn them to only accept treats through the doorway – never go inside a house. Halloween is also a great […]

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It’s Deer Season

No, not Deer Hunting, Deer Hitting Season (as in, that deer came out of nowhere and I hit it with my vehicle). Thousands of deer-vehicle accidents happen annually, causing accidents and personal injuries.

“Secrets” to minimizing your risk

Be especially attentive from sunset to midnight and during the hours shortly before and after sunrise. These are the highest risk times for deer-vehicle collisions.
Drive with caution when moving through deer-crossing zones or in areas known to have a large deer population. Deer seldom run alone. If you see one deer, others may be nearby.
When driving at night, use high beam headlights when there is no oncoming traffic. The high beams […]

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